Eye Care For All Ages

The Ever - Changing Human Eye

As our bodies change with age, our eyes change as well. Of course, the visual needs of infants and children differ greatly for those of an adult. As children grow, their vison can change rapidly - requiring frequent changes in their prescription. Further ocular changes occur as we age during our adult years. The elderly become more at risk in developing ailments of the eye such as cataracts, glaucoma and macular degeneration. Furthermore, patients with certain systemic health problems such as diabetes and hypertension are at risk for developing ocular pathologies such as retinopathies. The doctors at Excellence in Eye Care understand their patients' ever - changing visual needs, and customize each and every eye exam accordingly.

State of the Art Eye Examinations

Excellence in Eye Care incorporates the latest in technology in the examination, assessment and treatment of our patients' eyes. We utilize the NIDEK Digital Refraction System to precisely measure the patient's refractive state to ensure an accurate prescription for the clearest vision possible.