Pediatric Eye Care

The Early Years are Critical

An infant's eyes require clear visual stimulation in order for their visual system to develop properly. If a child is unable to see clearly, the visual pathways in their brain will not form properly - which will cause amblyopia or "lazy-eye". If amblyopia is not diagnosed and treated before the age of nine, the child may experience a permanent visual deficit. To wait until a child complains about their vision is a common mistake that many parents make. When a child has experienced blurry vision for all of their young life, they think that it's normal and often will not complain. This is an important reason for having a child's eyes checked early and often. Of course, another very important reason for having a child's eyes checked at an early age is to make sure their eyes are healthy. 

Mental and Physical Development

Good vision is important for a child's development - both mentally and physically. Eighty percent of all learning is performed through vision. School can be difficult for children in the first place - it can be nearly impossible for those with poor vision. Concentration, coordination and balance are essential visually integrated abilities that promote healthy physical development. In today's competitive world, don't let your child be disadvantaged by poor eye sight.